So long story short

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
― Dr. Seuss

So I usually am not a Valentines Day lovey-dovey kind of guy. I guess because my V-Days have typically been trash. Technically I am to blame since I am the common denominator to this reoccurring problem. Ugh, I hate admitting when I am wrong. It feels like I have this bad taste in my mouth. I get this awkward aftertaste that gives me chills. So I decided to write a short blog on a bad date I had. Everyone has had a horrible date before. The good thing about horrible dates is you learn, and it gives you something to laugh about later. So long story short, I had a friend in the military who thought it would be a good idea to set me up on a blind date. Now I’m not one to usually take a shot in the dark if you know what I mean. However, when we were having the conversation, I was under the influence of alcohol and was feeling very Indiana Joneish. What that means was I was getting in touch with my adventurous side. Let me live a bit dangerously for once. Damn Hennessey is a hell of a drug. So the next day apparently I had a 7pm date at a chain restaurant not too far from my base. I don’t know what this girl looks like, all I know is she was going to be wearing a black sweater. My friend calls me and tells me that she drives a white Hyundai like I don’t see a million of those a day. So long story short I am waiting outside of the entrance of the restaurant at 18:45pm. For those that don’t understand military time, 15 minutes before 7pm. This car did not pull up till 19:30pm. I’m a very patient person. I just don’t think it’s a good first impression to have me waiting that long. So she gets out the car smiling and walking up to me saying “you must be Ari.” I look her up and down like “oh I’m him!” From a physical standpoint, my friend knows what I like. This girl was gorgeous. She was short with these really nice curves. She had this beautiful face and lips that gave me naughty thoughts. I gesture for us to go inside. She didn’t touch a door. So long story short the waitress comes to us and introduces herself. My date had a bit of attitude in her voice but I’m thinking maybe its allergies or something. So within 15 minutes of us being in this establishment, I could tell my date had some negative energy towards our waitress. The only problem I couldn’t  understand was why. So, of course, I asked my date “hey do you know our waitress or something?” My lady rolled her eyes at me and said: “no, but if she keeps flirting with you she will get to know me well.” My eyes got huge. This waitress was a sweet woman. She did not flirt with me at all. As soon as the food came, all hell broke loose. So long story short, my date started cursing at the waitress claiming that her order is messed up. Everyone in the restaurant looking at me like “do something.” I’m looking at the waitress like “pack my plate to go.” So I try to calm down my date but she starts cursing me out. I don’t do well with disrespect. So me and her start going at it. The waitress begins to cry and I stand up and try to calm her down. My date starts telling me “oh you want that bitch go be with her than!” I whispered some instructions in my waitress ear. She immediately comes back with a to-go plate and leaves. I put enough money on the table for me and Love and Hip Hop’s newest costar. My date continues her verbal assault of calling me every name in the book. I wished her good night and left the restaurant. I called my friend and cursed him out in the car for 30 minutes straight. The car ride home was only 10 minutes but he needed to feel my pain. This fool couldn’t stop laughing and telling me he is sorry. The lesson of the day is you can’t always control chaos when it comes knocking at your door. That doesn’t mean that you can’t search for an exit. Find a way out of those negative situations. As far as love goes, make sure that you spend your time with someone who gives you the energy and security you need. It shouldn’t take Valentine’s day or anniversaries for someone to know how much you truly care about them. If you don’t have someone for Valentine’s day, treat yourself. Love yourself. Everyone have a safe day and good night. Ladies, please don’t yell at any cute waitresses tonight. 😉

Author: Ari

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